The Conjuring 2

Watch The Conjuring 2 Online They continue the innovations of the movie 'The Conjuring 2', thriller directed by James Wan, who returns to one of its more celebrated arguments of suspense and terror of the útlimos times. watching Recapturing also the equal protagonist, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who give life to the Warren, a marriage specialist in investigating some of the most chilling paranormal events of the history.

The Conjuring 2

We release a new video of shooting of the movie of terror and suspense 'The Conjuring 2'. Being provided with the brilliant film maker James Wan at the head of the direction and returning with one of the Watch The Conjuring 2 free arguments most celebrated in the career of the responsible director in turn of qualifications as 'Insidious' or 'Fast and Furious 7'. Without forgetting its presence at the head of the tape 'Aquaman', of DC and Warner led by Jason Momoa.

The new shooting video brings together declarations of its protagonists and technical team in addition to showing original papers of the real argument on which it is based. A movie that promises to generate a big interest between the public. That continues greedily the impactantes projects of James Wan, who is not afraid to change of genre between its different projects.

Inside the consequence of the movie 'The Conjuring' (here known like 'Records Warren', as regards the real marriage of investigators on which the movie is based), it will center on a series of strange events, seemingly completely inexplicable, which harassed a humble family of the proximities of London concerning the seventies of last century.

Inside this series of paranormal phenomena type, "poltergeist" as well as several supposedly diabolical possessions. A quite frightening case that it moved to the country and was recreated by big extension in the mass media of the epoch. Now it stays for seeing the way in which it is got for the international criticism facing its world premiere.

Watch The Conjuring 2 Full Movie Online

The date of June 17 is The Conjuring 2 and from the study they do not want to lose an opportunity to promote The Conjuring 2 as it stems. That's why for a time, every week we surprise with different and interesting videos like the intervention of the affected family or a way of exploring the house in 360th, place where ambientará the action.

Now he is the director of The Conjuring 2 or also called Records Warren: The case Enfield, who leads a video behind the cameras. The Malaysian James Wan who will be at the head also of the movie of the superheroes submarine Aquaman, of DC Comics and Warner Bros and it is led by Jason Momoa; he speaks about the way of re-defining the terror genre and of recovering the status that has lost with the step of the years.

In this video reportage behind the cameras, there are mixed scenes of Watch The Conjuring 2 Full Movie Online with declarations of the protagonists, the technical team and proper James Wan that they show the papers on which the original argument is based. Undoubtedly, Records Warren: The case Enfield has turned into one of the movies most expected for the lovers of the terror who hope to recover the faith in the genre.

In The Conjuring 2 we will move up to the Enfield locality in the England of the 70s, place where there will begin happening paranormal events that cannot be explained. A single mother lives with its four children until the kidling will be possessed by a spirit and will turn the life of all into a hell. To help in the problem, Vera Farmiga as Lorraine and Patrick Wilson come up to there in Ed's role who will investigate the events.

There complete the share-out of The Conjuring 2 other actors of recognized prestige as David Thewlis, Franka Potente and Madison Wolfe. It stays already less to see Records Warren: The case Enfield in the movies and to judge if really James Wan will change the perspective of the genre of terror on the big screen.

In less than one month it will come to the movies rooms "The Conjuration 2" (The Conjuring 2), consequence of that movie of 2013 that takes brilliant James Wan as the director again. Facing this premiere, Warner Bros. Pictures revealed a titled Featurette "Strange Happenings in Enfield" that tells with an interesting interview to real Lorraine Warren, as well as recordings and real photos of the paranormal events happened in this case that it investigated along with its couple Ed. Safety pin!

It costs to remember that, from June 10, the supernatural thriller will bring to the screen another real case of the files of the renowned demonólogos, even more chilling than that of Annabelle. In this opportunity, they will travel to the north of London to help a single mother with four children who lives in a house infested with malignant spirits.

As three years ago, the nominated one they repeat its rolls of Lorraine and Ed Warren to Oscar Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. They join them Frances O'Connor as the single mother; Madison Wolfe and the debutantes Lauren Esposito, Patrick McAuley and Benjamin Haigh as its children; Maria Doyle Kennedy; Simon Delaney; Franka Potente and Simon McBurney.